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Keep a good thought for Jaime

  • 27 Apr 2020 4:37 PM
    Message # 8932015

    He's about to start an interior cutout of a wall hive....he's psyched....and i can only admire his energy and enthusiasm for noisy, hot, dusty, stingy work. We had started a trapout in my neighborhood but the bees began bothering the homeowners in their backyard so they opted for a cutout. I say "we" because I started the trapout with a beautifully made trap cone but could not get my plaster patch to stick to the stucco. I asked Jaime for help and he came w/ his Gorilla Tape, which worked until it didn't. So then we resorted to bracing the cone on the wall with long sticks. And did I mention that all the action was 7 feet off the ground and we had to climb a juniper to reach the entrance and install the catch hive? The trapout was working until the bees starting complaining to the owners. When they asked for a cutout, I ceded the job to Jaime, who's probably hard at it right now (5 p.m. Mon).

    Last modified: 27 Apr 2020 5:00 PM | Dick Barnes
  • 27 Apr 2020 4:48 PM
    Reply # 8932025 on 8932015
    Jacob Dickinson (Administrator)

    Fingers crossed for a photo or two!

    And look at you, Dick, with your first post! Hope you're ready for the pressures of fame. It changes people, you know!

  • 27 Apr 2020 5:02 PM
    Reply # 8932031 on 8932015

    My post has gone viral. I'm now an influencer!

  • 27 Apr 2020 8:46 PM
    Reply # 8932257 on 8932015

    Eeek!  I read Dick's title and thought Jaime was hurt or sick.  Glad he is just busting his chops on a cut out.  Hope it went well, Jaime :-) 

  • 29 Apr 2020 10:20 PM
    Reply # 8936881 on 8932015
    Jaime Guoz (Administrator)

    Let’s see if I can post some pictures from this cutout.  It was in the wall of a child’s bedroom.  I used plastic to limit the amount of debris and bees to a small corner of the room.  
    This started as a trapout, based on the number if bees in the trapout box and in the wall, the trapout was working.  Bees were vacuumed up and comb put into frames.  All were relocated successfully to the sanctuary.

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  • 29 Apr 2020 10:59 PM
    Reply # 8936889 on 8932015
    Jacob Dickinson (Administrator)

    Heroic! Thanks for posting!

  • 2 May 2020 5:26 PM
    Reply # 8942343 on 8932015

    Looking at the pictures, I don't see much capped honey or nectar, esp for that much comb. I wonder how well provisioned those girls were...

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