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Dedicated to educating the public on the honey bee's vital role in our environment and to encouraging safe, sustainable and responsible beekeeping practices.



As a volunteer-led organization, member dues are vital to help us further our educational mission. Annual dues of $20 may be paid online, mailed or delivered in person at our regular meeting.


BEE PREPARED is a fee-based course designed to turn non-beekeepers into backyard beekeepers. The course will be offered again Spring 2024. 
BEEKEEPING 101 is a more casual introduction to bees in the bee yard.  The class is free but requires online registration for all participants.  The next class is scheduled for 2/3/24. 
APICULTURA 101 -¡Prepárense! Empezando invierno 2024, ofreceremos nuestra clase de apicultura básica ¡en español! Haremos un anuncio oficial cuando tengamos las fechas. 

Club Meetings
We meet at 10AM on the first Sunday of every month. Meetings feature a guest speaker and provide an opportunity to ask questions, get expert advice and share expertise on hive management. All experience levels welcome.  


We love bees and we are eager to share our passion. In additional to our classes focused on training aspiring beekeepers, Long Beach Beekeepers spreads the word at one-time and recurring events. Observation hives - one frame of honeycomb and bees from a working hive - enable us to show the inner workings of life inside the hive.

Our bees have traveled to preschools, home schools and elementary schools; neighborhood associations and street fairs; Girl Scout troops, garden clubs and Earth Day events.

Do you have a group that would like to meet our bees? Email us at


Many thanks to the volunteers who supported our mission, our members who joined us and to the community for embracing our efforts.



Hive Registration

Be a responsible beekeeper and a good neighbor by complying with local beekeeping ordinances. 

Beekeeping Supplies

Beekeeping equipment maybe purchased at local shops and online. Here are some reputable outlets that carry hive boxes, frames, protective gear, honey bees, honey extraction tools, jars and more.

Swarm Removal

The club does not remove swarms, but we can point you in the right direction for some reputable beekeepers. 

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