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A New Hive For The South 40

14 Oct 2013 10:07 PM | Bee Administrator (Administrator)

Lee has wanted to have bees for a while.  We were able to rescue some bees from their backyard but they didn't make it the first year.  She was also having trouble with the hive being on her roof so we're going to add it to the South 40.  Thanks to Long Beach Organic.

We also did our monthly hive inspection.  After a month the bees have drawn a bunch of new comb and made capped honey.  Unfortunately, it crossed a couple of frames.  Boohoo.  We removed the perpendicular honey comb and put it in an empty box on top since it was filled with nectar and honey.  These bees are busy.  Fall isn't going to stop them!  The bottom box had nice and straight comb which we just admired.  We also added a new top board because our other one had warp a bit.



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