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Support Backyard Beekeeping!

14 Jun 2012 7:51 AM | Bee Administrator (Administrator)

This week the Long Beach Sustainability Office is holding public comment meetings for the proposed code changes that will support having chickens, goats and bees in your backyard.  

The next meeting will be tonight 6:30pm at the Whaley Community Center, 5620 Atherton Street, Long Beach, CA

Current and proposed policies on the keeping of backyard chickens, goats and bees

For Public discussion at Community Meetings 6/11/12 and6/14/12

  • Up to 20 may be kept at least 50 feet from 1 and 2 family residences or 100 feet from multi-family (3+) residences or hotels
  • 1 chicken may be kept as a pet at least 20 feet from any dwelling
  • no crowing fowl
  • Up to 4 may be kept without required distance from neighboring residence
  • 5 to 10 may be kept at least 25 feet from a neighboring residence
  • 5 or more must obtain one-time permit from the animal care services (considering $25)
  • No more than 1 may be kept at least 100 feet from neighboring residences
  • May not be kept south of Anaheim Street
  • 2 female pygmy goats (only) may be kept without required distance from neighboring residences
  • Must be licensed  annually by animal care services (considering $?
  • Milk products produced are for personal consumption only
  • Hives must be kept at least 100 feet from neighboring residences and public ways (streets and alleys)
  • Must be kept 10 feet above the ground
  • Up to 5 hives may be kept at least 5 feet from property line
  • If a hive is less than 15 feet from a property line, a flyway barrier of at least 6 feet high must be maintained around the hive
  • Hives must be registered with the Los Angeles County Department of Agriculture ($10/year)

The turn out for the Monday meeting was great but we need more people.  The proposed changes will then be brought to the Environmental Committee on Tues June 26th.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come and support the changes.  The more people that come in support, the better our chances are that the committee will support bringing the issue before the Long Beach City Council.  The Sustainability Office, lead by Larry Rich, has done a spectacular job reviewing other city codes and we need to support his effort and say thank-you for bringing the issue forward.

Monday's First Public Comment Session with Larry Rich


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