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Date of Future Events Clarity

  • 18 May 2022 6:18 PM
    Message # 12785692

    I wanted to make just a suggestion.  Please do not take this suggestion the wrong way. I give it with respect to whomever does the website posting.

    It is not my intent to be bothersome or complaining, but I figure that there is enough confusion in every ones lives already that it is helpful to be as clear as possible when posting events for members and others like the New to Beekeeping Class.

      An example is when I came to the Open House, the driections seemed pretty darn good to me when I read them but following them was a completely different story.  Not beause there was a problem with the diretions, they were perfect. The problem is that Long Beach's maintenance of street signs is very very lacking and when I was supposed to turn at a certain street often there were no street signs indicating that I had reached the street where I should turn.  Very confusing. I am not a resident of Long Beach and had never been to the garden before the open house. I really appreciated the directions very much.   I am used to finding address's. My phone could not help me and neither did a map of Long Beach.

    An example is:

    After finally arriving having many many wrong turns and driving over the same roads several times I actuallyt made it to the open house late by almost an hour. Not having to do with the time I left home or the traffic but because as good as the directions were, the directions could in no way make up for the lack of street signs that were necessary to find the location easily.

    I wanted to bring  your attention to this event The New Beekeepers Class.

    When events are posted such as the date and times of the new Beerkeeper classes is when I ran into this conundrum which is that the event is labeled Beekeeping 2022  which is only partly correct. Perhaps those reading this are atuned to this way of saying what the date is for the event or the person writing the information was tired from a long day or week. I understand that for sure.

    As a newer person to the club and the website, I had written down the date and time of the the event already but I had to check when the specific date said only Beekeeping 2022. (what happened to the full date?)

    I want to suggest that the event be labeled as Beekeeping May 21, 2022 from 8am to 12Noon continuing until June 2nd.

    From reading the information I think the frirst class is on the May 21st in person at 8am to 12 Noon . I pray that I will not have as much trouble finding the Community Garden  as I did the Open House recently.   I would like to suggest that signs indicating how to get to the open house location be posted and removed later to help others find it more easily  next time there is an event there. Thanks for hearing me. I appreciate that, I am new but I like being part of the club very much. Many people have worked hard to make this club what it is today. A great Beekeeping Bee Club.

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