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Willow Springs Bee Sanctuary

Sanctuary Rules

  1. Rescued bees at the Willow-Springs Bee Sanctuary are the property of Long Beach Beekeepers.

  2. Members of Long Beach Beekeepers may store hives on a temporary basis with the approval of an apiary manager. If bees remain for more than 30 days, hive and beekeeping equipment become club property unless approved by the Board of Directors.

  3. Member equipment brought to the sanctuary will be replaced, returned or purchased by Long Beach Beekeepers unless it is stated as a donation.

  4. Sanctuary bee colonies may be adopted by club members in good standing with demonstrated basic hive management skills at the cost of equipment replacement. 

  5. Club hives are available for events, demonstrations and classes.

  6. Access to the sanctuary is limited to the Board of Directors, apiary managers and individuals designated by the board.

  7. Anyone working in or around the sanctuary or the club hives must use care to protect themselves, other members and the public from injury. Protective clothing must be worn when working a hive or observing from within the screened area.

  8. Any colony determined to be overly aggressive and a danger to the public will be safely removed from the sanctuary or disposed of as soon as possible.

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